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How to Maintain Colored Hair Without Spending a Lot of Money

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I absolutely love changing my hair. To me, hair is important. I enjoy putting makeup on and doing my hair every day. I know you are thinking, how do you enjoy that!? Honestly, I am not sure why I do but it is something I look forward too!

If you haven’t noticed, I have jet black hair. So dying my hair can be very damaging. But I love having color in my hair because it is a way I am able to express myself and show off my sassy side! I have been coloring my hair since I have been 18. You would think I would get tired or bored of changing my hair color but I never do.

I love getting my hair cut at Chole and Co in Alexandria, Ohio. They are incredible and I always have an excellent experience. There is no place I’d rather go to get my hair done!

Let’s be honest though, colored hair can be expensive!

Since I dye my hair, I am always looking for products to help maintain my color without having to spend a lot of money or having to go back to the salon every few months.

My roommate one day told me about a product called Viral Colorwash. Let me tell you, this was a GAME CHANGER!

I use this product once a week and am able to maintain my color for months, at a time. I buy this product on Amazon for only $35 and it lasts me up to 4 months or longer. It has been a huge money saver!!

We are surrounded by multiple products every day but I am so thankful I have heard about Viral Colorwash because it has revolutionized my hair color game!