Why I Started a Business

Hi world changers,

Why I started a business Pinterest Graphic.png

Deb here! I want to welcome you to the Debora Sarai family. I want you to feel at home here. First off, I would like to say this is a safe place to be yourself. You are welcome here. I want to inspire and encourage you to tap into your full potential. You have the ability to impact the world around you and I’m your biggest fan, cheering you on this journey.

When I decided to leave my 9-5 job, I was terrified. I didn’t know the first thing about being self-employed. I looked ahead at the path in front of me and felt uncertain. But there was one thing I was certain of; I was tired of being put in a box. I was tired of sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day. I didn’t want to “go through the motions” anymore. I was made for more. So, I decided to make a move.

I decided to change my “what if” mindset to an “I will” way of thinking. I said this out loud, “I will create change. I will impact the world. I will tap into my potential.” Once I said it, I believed it. I decided to bet on myself.

Now, I’m here. Ultimately, I believe you should be living out your dream every single day. I want you to break out of the box. I know what it feels like to feel overwhelmed and confined. Believe me, I was there friend. I don’t want that for you. I want to help you break out of your box and live in freedom. You can do this. I am here cheering you on. Let me come alongside you and take your business and dreams to the next level!

Now that we’re friends I would love you to hang out with me on Instagram and say HI! Come join me at @deborasarai_12. I am so excited you’re here!