Why Every Small Business Should Have A Pinterest Account

Why Every Small Business Should Have a Pinterest Account

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Pinterest is a great SEO generator for businesses all around the world. It allows you to identify your brand and consumers. Not to mention as of September 2018 it had 250 million monthly active users. Like, I’m sorry, what!?

You heard me right! Pinterest helps businesses in many ways, it is not only used to post “Pinterest worthy photos.” I know, I have the wheels in your brain turning. So let's jump in!

Why Do I Believe This?

In my opinion, Pinterest is underrated and is not utilized to its fullest ability when it comes to business. Pinterest helps create traffic for your blogs, website, and products! Unlike Facebook or Instagram, your content on Pinterest can be seen for 3-4 months after your post compared to 24 hours.

Pinterest can help you get your brand out to the world without having to pay an arm and a leg for it. It is basically free marketing for your business. I mean, who doesn’t want that!

88% of people purchase on Pinterest. Say what!? Yes, my jaw dropped as I heard this statistic as well! It blows my mind to think how many businesses do not know the advantages of having a presence on Pinterest. I mean, this doesn’t even scratch the surface of what this search engine can do!

Many businesses don’t see the advantage of being on Pinterest and are already overwhelmed because that is just another thing they have to add to your plate. But, let me tell you. It is worth the time and investment! Your business will thank you! 


Debora Sarai